Services Offered

Forest Management

Woodland services for any and all forested properties using a thorough, scientific and conscientious approach. 

Forest Inventory

Large or small scale forest inventory, design and data collection. Metrics are customizable to meet client needs. Sawtimber volume, carbon capture potential, coarse woody debris, regeneration, etc.

Forest Valuation

"How much are my trees worth?" 
We can tell you! Using years of inventory design and implementation experience paired with market data. 

Timber Tax Basis

Same concept as forest valuations but this one is especially important if you plan to generate income from your forest property through timber sales. The portion of that income that is taxable is related to the value of the products when the property was acquired. 

Forest Management Planning

Good management starts with a plan. Managing forests is no different. To be good stewards of our lands, we must first know what we have and the direction we want to head. Ask about Ohio's tax incentive programs (CAUV & OFTL).

Timber Marketing and Sale Administration

Timber harvesting can be one of the best practices for your forest's health or one of the worst. This all depends on how and when the harvest is done. We are forestry professionals who are specifically educated and trained to ensure proper identification of harvest-ready timber and that it is marketed and harvested using the best science and techniques available.

General Forestry Consulting

Forest health examinations, wildlife habitat management, tree planting, GIS mapping,, drone imagery and lots more!

Arboriculture (Tree Care)

Focusing on tree health care and young and small tree management.  Proper tree "early intervention" can provide the necessary establishment for trees resulting in less significant maintenance, a more aesthetically pleasing tree, biologically more resilient and potentially longer lived tree. We do however work with trees of all ages and sizes.

Proper Plant Selection and Installation

"Right tree, right place." Proper planting methods are essential but It all starts with the compatibility of the planting site and selected species. Ask us about native plants!

Plant Health Diagnostics and Management

We aim to identify your plant ailments through field inspection, diagnostic sampling/testing and develop a plan of action for managing the health of your plants. We offer this service for trees of all sizes and ages.

Tree and Shrub Pruning and Removal

We specialize in young trees, shrubs and ornamentals. Proper training, shaping and pruning is our focus. We work with trees of all sizes as well. With years of formal education and experience, we work to highlight the natural form of trees while promoting a safe environment.

Soil Care

Soil health is imperative to the success of a plant. We work to promote soil that works well for small and large trees. Soil testing, compaction remediation, root zone invigoration, root collar excavation and a focus on organic amendments. We utilize our AirSpade for all sensitive root excavations. 


Tree Risk Assessment, Tree health consultations, Tree preservation planning, tree retention selection and preservation in construction zones, tree management planning and implementation, urban forest inventory and mapping, etc.